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From 20 september to 19 january Nikas Safronov

Painting exhibition
with augmented reality

Other worlds of Nikas Safronov

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500 q.m.
Total exhibition area is 500 q.m.
Over 100 paintings
40 works of Dream-Vision
9 styles
Presented at the exhibition
  • Graphic portrait
  • Sanguine
  • Surrealism
  • Symbolism
  • "River of the time" series
  • Author's style Dream Vision
  • "People-animals" series
  • Cubism
  • Realism

About exposition

Multimedia projections on the walls will take you into a diverse, colorful and unique world of the brilliant artist Nikas Safronov. The seamless projection will create the illusion of changing space not only in the form of digital decor but also as an independent narrator. The exhibition will introduce works from

Read more his own direction Dream Vision, technically based on classical painting, and actively using not only imagination and intuition, but also the subconscious, as well as unconscious sensations. The exposition is designed in such a way that it has neither beginning nor end. You become participants in an endless vertex of paintings, thoughts and images of the artist. Art acquires an additional volume and a different perspective of perception. Paintings follow each other through beautiful and bizarre mosaics of patterns. Nikas Safronov's architectural landscapes have been always imbued with the mystery and spirit of the era, looking through stone castles, vaulted ceilings, labyrinths of steps, pointed domes of towers. The artist's works are distinguished by elegant ease, alluring space and spirituality. They are built on the finest associations, they echo several eras, where the author tries to capture the elusive essence of his visions and dreams.

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5 facts about Nikas Safronov


He was born in Ulyanovsk in a military family. Studied at the Odessa Maritime school and served military service but didn't continue a career as a military.


Nikas has been painting, exhibiting and selling his works since 1973. His first solo exhibition was held in 1978 in Panevezys, where he became known as a bright surrealist, portraitist and experimenter.


For his achievements in painting Nikas Safronov was awarded the titles: honored artist of Russian Federation, academician of the Russian Academy of Arts, Professor of Ulyanovsk state University.


Nikas Safronov is the Creator of the author's direction Dream Vision. In this direction became widely known painting "Summer.Love"


Nikas Safronov was awarded 9 orders and 5 gold medals for his professional, social and charitable activities.

From 20 september to 19 january

What you will see at the exhibition

Immerse yourself in a creative atmosphere like never before

Circular scheme of the exhibition

All the paintings will be presented in the halls placed in a circle.So you won't miss any work.

See scheme of the hall

Augmented reality

In one of the halls we will present the works of Nikas with augmented reality. You will be able to dive into his art even deeper.

Meet the artist

Sometimes Nikas will visit the exhibition. You can get an autograph and take a selfie. Watch for announcements in Instagram @safronov_nikas.


Movie about Nikas

Every day at the exhibition You can watch a 2-hour film of 15-minute stories from the life of the artist.

What stars say
about Nikas

For today Nikas Safronov is the most famous current artist according to Google. He is quite a public person, in the circle of his communication a lot of Hollywood and Russian stars.

Alexandr Galibin
Soviet and Russian actor, theatre and film director. National artist of Russia.
Yuri Chernov Safronov Brothers
Safronov Brothers
Trio of brothers, illusionists, actors and hosts of shows.
Alexandr Galibin Vladimir Vinokur
Vladimir Vinokur
Soviet and Russian humorist, singer, host of shows, teacher. Director of The State Parody Theatre , national Russian artist.
Safronov Brothers Vladimir Vishnevsky
Vladimir Vishnevsky
Soviet and Russian poet. Full member of the Russian academy of humor. Laureate of "Zolotoy Ostap" award.
Vladimir Vinokur Vladislav Tretyak
Vladislav Tretyak
Soviet hockey player, trainer, Russian statesman and politician, president of the hockey federation.
Vladimir Vishnevsky Zurab Tsereteli
Zurab Tsereteli
Soviet and Russian artist, sculptor, teacher. professor. President of The Russian Arts Academy.
Vladislav Tretyak Karen Shakhnazarov
Karen Shakhnazarov
Soviet and Russian film Director, screenwriter, film producer and public figure General Director and Chairman of the Board of Mosfilm.
Zurab Tsereteli Michail Turetsky
Michail Turetsky
Natioanl artist of the Russian Federation, music producer, choirmaster and showman, founder and producer of the art group "Turetsky's Chorus" laureate of the government of the Russian Federation.
Karen Shakhnazarov Shamil Tarpischev
Shamil Tarpischev
Tennis player, coach, Soviet and Russian sports figure, member of the editorial Board of "Tennis" magazine, President of the tennis Federation of Russia.
Michail Turetsky Emmanuel Vitorgan
Emmanuel Vitorgan
Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, national artist of Russia.
Shamil Tarpischev Alexey Rybnikov
Alexey Rybnikov
Soviet and Russian composer, laureate of the state prize of the Russian Federation and the President of the Russian Federation. Chairman of the Council of the Union of composers of Russia.
Emmanuel Vitorgan Boris Shcherbakov
Boris Shcherbakov
Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, TV presenter, laureate of the state prize of the USSR, Russian natioanl artist.
Alexey Rybnikov Vasily Lanovoy
Vasily Lanovoy
Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, reader, public figure, theater teacher, hero of labor of the Russian Federation, Lenin award laureate, national artist of the USSR.
Boris Shcherbakov Yuri Chernov
Yuri Chernov
Soviet and Russian film and theatre actor. National artist of Russia.
Vasily Lanovoy Alexandr Galibin


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